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I look for a balanced, yet distinct flavor that dances with the sun-kiss of lemon, shouts with garlic and zesty cheese, and warms with the distance of cracked pepper and anchovies.


Join us in celebration of this magical, wonderful salad!


Don’t pass up on one of the most fun & memorable culinary experiences you will ever have!  

Master the art of Tableside Caesar Salad, while hearing remarkable stories and history from one of the leading Caesar Salad aficionados.

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You won’t believe how much there is to know: the romance, history, squabbling, economic and social impact.

This multimedia presentation includes hands on preparation, individually or in pairs, so roll up your sleeves and join us; CHILDREN WELCOME!

The $55.00 fee is the cost per bowl use (one Caesar Salad bowl prepared tableside)

If you want to work as a couple using one bowl, or if you prefer to prepare your own salad individually, the cost is still $55.00 and includes all ingredients.   click here to register  

Hand-turned Vermont bowls will be available for purchase



Lydia has studied everything related to Caesar Salad for over 20 years. Beyond her years managing restaurants, short-order cooking, and resort hospitality, Lydia’s experience includes attending and judging Caesar Salad contests in Denver, CO, Dallas, TX, and Tijuana, Mexico; organizing and hosting Hudson Valley NY's Best Caesar Salad contest, winning Nashoba Valley Winery’s  "Express Your Passion", teaching workshops at local Community Colleges and local farms/CSAs, writing restaurant reviews, reviewing Caesar Salad dressings, and experimenting and growing over a dozen different varieties of Romaine lettuce and Garlic.

Most recently, Lydia and her husband traveled to Italy to meet the Cardini family – internationally renowned for their contributions to creating the Caesar Salad fame and bottled salad dressings.

For additional information, contact Lydia at or 914.388.4675

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